Friday, April 10, 2009

Perfect buns for Good Friday

In an Easter fashion, especially on Good Friday, it's only natural to have hot cross buns. This year, I decided to try my hands on making them. I tried two recipes that I found interesting. One is Meeta's from What's for Lunch Honey and the other one is the one I found on this month's Delicious magazine, my favourite cooking magazine.
I actually made this one yesterday and brought it to work as a trial. I need to try the recipe first before I make the real one for our Easter get together today. Even with all my traumatic experience with yeast, this buns are quite easy to make. And a good recipe that offers windows of opportunities to alter. On the first one, I made the traditional one with lots and lots of raisins. It became the talk of the office. My 'buns' was the hot topic of the day. =)

On the one I made for our get together, I substitute the raisins with chocolate chips, because one thing I know for sure about my friends are if there's raisin or dried fruits in them, there's no way that they're touching them. I made 1.5 times of Meeta's recipe and after adding the chocolate chips, I divide the recipe in half and put all water in one and half water and half coffee on the other one to make a mocha hot cross buns.

One thing I learned from this, is when making it with choc chips, add them last after you mix in the yeast and the water, so the chocolate will not melted through the dough.

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