Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This is why...

This is why I almost missed this month's DB challenge.
This is why I only get 2 hours of sleep last Saturday
This is why I have a huge dent on my savings
This is why I was happy last Saturday..

No... I didn't get married...

These are the two icing sugar figurine I made last Saturday. I found some great baking workshop
at the Greensborough cake decorating centre. And this bride and groom workshop, was my first.. I never had any proper training in baking. The thought to become a professional patisserie chef had crossed my mind more than a dozen time. I have been passionate about baking and desserts for as long as I can remembered, but I'm afraid of taking the fun out of it if I become a professional and have to do it everyday, then it will become a routine. Or.. It's plain cowardliness... and.. I don't think I can say goodbye to the hustle and bustle of an office, the 9-5 work, dressing in stilettos and pencil skirts. I know, I'm a freak! So, these workshops and numerous cake, pastry & chocolate one day courses is my way to satisfy my passion in baking.

Since mid last year, I've done around 6 courses related to baking and dessert making. I enjoyed every last bit of them. Looking at the dent on my savings because of it on the other hand, I'm not particularly happy about. Finding these workshops as quicker & relatively cheaper version, makes me very happy.

I don't do a lot of work with icing sugar before. The bow I did for my
wreath cake
is about the most encounter with icing sugar decoration I have ever had. I did enroll for a cake decoration class that covers all sugar & fondant works, but it is not till April. So with little to no knowledge in working with icing sugar, I went to this workshop. It runs for 2 hours for 2 Saturdays.. and last Saturday was the last one. Even from the first class I felt lost. The minute she mentioned CMC, my mind goes "CM.. whaa?". Turns out that's the stuff that will make your icing to harden. No wonder my bow was slowly deflating even though I left it to dry for almost 2 days. But.. the confusion didn't stop there. I was sooo worried when my groom shows obvious wrinkles when he dries. The teacher said it might have been my kneading.. My favourite one was when she said "You all must know how to make a piping bag out of parchment paper by now?" I guess I can.. If you call making a cone out of baking paper and stapling the two ends together is a piping bag.. Didn't want to be a smart ass, I started shaking my head. She was quite stunned. Haha.. turned out 4 out of 6 of us didn't know how *phew*. Gosh, don't I have a lot to learn.

Though both of them turned out superrr cute, there's a lot of room for improvements. The grooms suit is a definite one with the wrinkles. Her dress is much better, but her boobs.. oh her boobs.. don't get me started on her boobs. Theoretically, putting her boobs so close together when she's naked is ok, but when you actually put the dress on stlightly higher than it should be and forgot to shape her body before the icing dried up, her boobs looked weird. It looked like she squashed her boob with a very bad push up bra!! One more thing, I wished I had taken more time drawing the eyes, the bride has eyes that are located on her cheeks, and the groom.. he looked a little too feminine. Oh hell, I can list ten more things that are not right about them. I'm just being too hard on myself. For a first try, I should be quite happy with myself. Just practice, practice, practice..

P.S: please don't mind the blue hue in my photos.. I was using my friend's camera since I still can't find my charger, and wasn't really sure how to set the WB.. but now I know how *too late like always*.


  1. Look for your charger fast. You are SO LUCKY to have attended such passionate workshops. i'm gonna hang around & pick tips off you. xoxoxo

  2. I've been looking everywhere! I gave up, I'm just gonna wait for the 15th when i get my pay and buy a new one. Sigh!

  3. Halo kunjungan balik :) wah keren figurinenya....ngga bisa buat yg kek gitu...menunduk malu...