Saturday, March 28, 2009

A lesson in sugar - Planet Cake's cake decorating 101

I might have mentioned a couple of times my lack of experience working with icing sugar. Let alone decorate a whole cake with one. That's why this beginners course in cake decorating is perfect for me. Hopefully it can avoid any more dramas like when I made this bow. I've been an avid admirer of Paris Cutler's work and her uber fabulous cake shop, Planet Cake in Sydney. So when I found out that they're doing cake decorating courses here in Melbourne, I signed up straight away without realizing that I would actually be on the first class in Melbourne.

So I spent my Saturday kneading icing like there's no tomorrow. My petite figure made this process quite hard as I don't have as much strength in every turn as a normal person does, and there's always the issue with the bench height =(. Nonetheless, it was a super fun day! and the fact I manage to escape from the scorching 33 degrees weather outside is always a plus.

I won't bore you with my ramblings, I'm just gonna show you with the pictures of the cake and our class that day. Thanks Handi, Fran and Paris for the amazing day and all your tips. Hopefully I can come back to do the other courses. =)

My heart actually aches when I cut the cake. But the chocolatey goodness of the cake instantly soothes it down. I can't say the same for my arms though. For the next two days, I feel like I'm armless.. Seriously can't feel anything from the shoulders down to my finger tips, very sore!

Me & my cake with Handi & Fran

the class and their cakes
To see other wonderful creations from Planet Cake, buy their newly published book.


  1. GORGEOUS CAKE! I like it very very much!

  2. I love this cake and the work, I wish i was there too...
    Can you share more details about the work and what you use, is it fondant???

  3. @Arlette: Yes, I used rolled fondant for all the decorations. The cake was chocolate mud cake enrobed with dark chocolate frosting.