Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where can it be?

I'm close to tears. I can't find my camera's battery charger. I've looked everywhere. High and low, left to right, but it just won't reveal itself. I first realized it just before I went on my trip, but during that chaos, I decided just leave it for now and look for it when I'm back. I was soooo sure I left it either in M's house or at my friend's house, coz that's when I last remembered charging my camera.

Now my camera is totally flat. I have already lost the opportunity to take a shot of the cake I made for my friend yesterday. I borrowed M's digital pocket camera, but the result just doesn't compare at all!!

I will definitely need my camera for tomorrow, since it's almost submission time for the Daring Baker's February challenge. Argghhh... only if I wasn't completely broke at the moment, I'd buy a new charger.

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  1. Sometimes you see something which drags you to an instant bookmark...this is just it. Gorgeous!!