Monday, February 16, 2009

The day after

I'm feeling very lazy today.. I was suppose to meet the girls for a Sunday brunch at the newly opened gourmet food store Jones the Grocer in Chadstone. But my eyes just refused to be open in this warm Sunday morning. When I texted the girls and only got one reply (which means the others are not up yet), I went back to La la land and continue snoozing. After running around all over Victoria from farmer's market at Caulfield in the morning, sugar modelling course at Greensborough, a movie at South Yarra, and cookie baking all in one Saturday, I just want to recharge my energy this Sunday. Don't ask about M, he sleeps like nobody's business. He can sleep all day if he doesn't have to be somewhere. So I finally got my lazy ass off the bed at around 11am and decided to make some comfort for my rumbling tummy.

I found some of Miss Polip's stale bread in the fridge, and decided to make use of it before something starts to grow on it. I need a sugar hit! So I made Nigella's super brilliant Doughnut French Toast with Quick Strawberry Sauce. The smell of Vanilla surely made my morning =)

I jazzed it up and set up a breakfast in bed thing for M. A nice way to shove M out of bed.

Doughnut French Toast with Quick Strawberry Sauce
Original recipe by Nigella Lawson

Strawberry sauce
1 punnet of strawberries
1/3 cup icing sugar
2 tsp lemon juice

Blend all ingredients together and set aside.

French Toast
1 large egg
1tsp vanilla paste or substitute it with 2 tsp of vanilla extract
1/3 cup milk
4 slices of slightly stale bread
a dollop of butter and a bit of olive oil for frying

50g of caster sugar for dredging

mix vanilla, milk and egg until combined. Cut the breads into triangles. Soak the bread in the egg mixture, make sure it is drenched completely. Meanwhile, put the butter and olive oil in a frying pan. The olive oil will prevent the butter from burning. In a medium heat, fry the eggy bread until golden brown on both sides. dredge the bread with the caster sugar and serve with strawberry sauce.

mmmm... Heavenn.. Nigela is truly the queen of comfort food =)

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  1. Trust me people, this way is better than it looks.