Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You had me at hello

Hello all!

Welcome to my blog..

First, let me talk a little bit about the person behind the blog. I'm Asti, a 20 something sweet tooth. I love anything sweet. Baking has been my passion since I was a little girl. Started out from Betty Crocker pre-mix cakes to the simple brownies and cookies I baked when I was just 11 years old, to the passionate baker that I am today. I can say that baking had saved my life once. It helped me through my toughest time. It created a sanctuary where I can create a world outside the normal world where I can escape to.

This blog I created as a culinary outlet where I can freely express my love of food and baking, the chance to show off my photography skills are also a bonus. I have a love on everything colourful. Perhaps that’s why I am a designer by trade. That also leads to my love of cake decorating.

I don’t have a background in cooking or pastry, so I don’t have the technical ability of making a recipe from scratch. The food I cook is usually adapted from recipes I found from cooking books or online. Opinions of foods are based on my own preference, it is hardly an expert opinion.

Consistency. I can truly admit that I have a problem in this. I’m known to start one thing and then got bored and neglect it. That’s what happens with me and music. I started playing a number of instruments, but failed to keep at least one skill. Hopefully *fingers crossed*, it won’t happen with this blog =)!

Hope you enjoy your visit!

Smooches =)



  1. Hey Asti! Welcome to blogging! The first step is always the weirder one!

  2. Good luck with your blog! I am new to it as well, my first post was on Dec. 19th!

  3. Asti, it's almost bizarre how alike you and I are (um ... except for the 20-something part. Does at heart count?). I could have written this post word for word. No kidding!

    I hope you enjoy blogging and I'll look forward to seeing your posts!

  4. hahahaha... young at heart is what counts. I won't be twenty something for long.. eventhough i would still have an appearance of a 15 year old. sigh!

    thanks for your comment holly..