Saturday, December 27, 2008

tis the season to be jolly

Ah... the joy of giving...

This will be my first post that doesn’t involves food. I know this is not a big deal, but after receiving so many thoughtful gifts, I just felt that I should say something. For someone that grew up surrounded with Muslim family, receiving gifts on Christmas is not part of my childhood memories. My mum and dad is a devoted Christian, but apart from them, all my rellies are basically Muslim. Oh, let’s not forget my Buddhist grandparents, and no, I don’t have a Chinese background. I just have a diverse religious and cultural background in my family.
When I receive so many thoughtful gifts from friends and co-workers especially when most of the givers doesn’t celebrate Christmas, I thought this post would be the perfect way to show my gratitude.

The most special of all would be from my beloved M. He bought me Jamie Oliver’s Flavour shaker. The one thing I never missed to pick up every time I’m at a homeware stores. Of course, always ended up putting it down since I still can’t think of its usage. Now, I can use it to grind spices with ease, and having lots of fun at the same time. And what makes it better, he bought me a blue one. Matches perfectly with my apartment decor.

Thank you so much guys! Me heart each and every one of you!

Hugs & Kisses,


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