Thursday, June 25, 2009

A cocktail to celebrate

I'm freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
No more exam, no more assignment, no more group meetings.
But you know what, when I was a full time student, a nice holliday or time off usually follows, but now, I'm just back to become a full time worker. hmpfh!

I made this cocktail for my boss' BYO cocktail party. It's lychee, lime and mint vodka tonic with strawberry pearls. I think I mentioned before that I tried my hands on molecular gastronomy, but it wasn't so good because the pudding didn't set. However this time, I got pictures! =).

For detailed instruction & recipe on making the pearls, please visit Michael Laiskonis' blog

Lychee, mint and lime Vodka tonic
Adapted from Good Taste Magazine July 2009
serves 12-15

2 cans of lychee, diced
110g brown sugar
40 fresh mint leaves
4-5 limes, quartered
360ml vodka
2L Soda water, chilled, to serve
Ice cubes, to serve

Divide the sugar, mint lime, and lychee among serving glasses. Use the end of a rolling pin to gently pound until lime is crushed.Pour vodka among glasses. Top with soda water and ice. Serve.


  1. Glad you have something to celebrate...and it isn't even the weekend when you do!

  2. The green tea/raspberry is a great idea! Glad you're feeling better :)